• driftwood tree
    driftwood tree
  • vine stump tree
    vine stump tree
  • vine stump tea-light
    vine stump tea-light

Driftwood sculptures


Welcome to my driftwood web page. After a visit to the Embalse de los Bermejales lake in the summer of 2008, where I found some beautiful pieces of wood, I decided at first to make a driftwood tree. This was for my own pleasure. I was pleased with the result, a two meter high tree which bends and moves in the wind. It looks very striking in my winter garden. After we started sitting the market at Nerja I thought other people may like my art. I made some smaller sculptures and trees and to my delight, they sold well and I received some very good feedback from people of all nationalities. I then begin to make the vine stump trees, which also are much liked. In 2010 I hope to continue to make and improve both the drift wood and vine stump art and diversify into picture frames and furniture. Look out for new pictures of my art coming soon.




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  • Driftwood

    Made from tree parts washed into the lake from the adjacent pine forest

  • Vinestumps

    Trees & tea-light holders made from old vine roots from our vinyard