Helen Carver & Peter Hardcastle
How to find us

To download a map, CLICK HERE.


follow the instructions below:



From the A7 motorway, also N340 (Not N340a), take the A7206 Algarrobo exit, Junction 277, & head north, through Algarrobo.

Follow the road towards Competa, passing through Algarrobo & Sayalonga. Forget about road numbers from here on, many have changed but not all signs have been updated.  


On leaving Sayalonga, look out for the road to Archez, which is a left turn onto the MA5104; you are about to take the Archez road.

This picture is the approach to the junction.

Note MA5104 is also the MA115.

The above sign, in close up; an example of confusing road signs - MA115 is now MA5104!  

A few meters further on, reaching the Archez junction, take the road to the left; the MA5104 (MA115)

You enter the MA5104 at kilometer zero, with these signs now to your right.  
As the MA5104 passes Archez, the road swings to the left & becomes the MA5103, at kilometer zero. There are two local roads into Archez which you will pass on your right. The second of these roads into Archez is just visible in the foreground in the picture below.  
As you leave Archez continue ahead, passing this restaurant on your right. At the bottom of this slope is a right turn, shown in the photograph below.  


Take this right turn; about hundred meters past Archez. The bins are no longer where shown in the photo. The sign, sometimes hidden in the undergrowth, points to Salares, Sedella & Canillas de Aceituno.


After turning right, follow the road up this hill. There's quite a way to go yet, but just follow the main road towards Salares.

Helen, shown in this photo, is unlikely to still be there.

Eventually, you will descend the hill, passing Salares as shown here. Continue down this hill & up the other side.  

A kilometer or so after Salares, you will pass the Sedella sign, with the road swinging left over a small bridge and climbing the hill.

This highly visible "Sedella" sign is now hidded behind a cluttered & hard to read replacement.



As you climb the hill, the road eventually swings right, with a gentle up-slope. Look out for the track to the left, which is just past the crash barrier shown here.

There's a STOP sign where this track meets this road, just visible in this picture.

The villa in the background is quite distinctive, this is your clue to finding the track.


This hand crafted sign is tied to the STOP sign, unless it has gone missing, or it was a while back.

There's now a blue & white hand painted replacement - easy to find (unless it too has gone missing).


Take the Caserones track - Estrella Azul is a few hundred meters on your left.